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RV and Trailer FAQs

How many packets are needed for an RV or a trailer?

We recommend installing a sachet at the openings for plumbing and electricity. Also place a sachet under the kitchen sink, in the hot water tank cabinet, and every 10 feet in the main area (kitchen and bedroom), based on a dosage of 1 sachet per 100 ft².

It is also beneficial to protect the exterior and generator compartments by installing a sachet in each compartment.

The number of bags to install may vary depending on the format of the RV and the number of exterior boxes and extensions:

Number of packets:

A minimum of 6 packets is recommended for maximum protection of an average-size RV. RVs longer than 30 feet will need 3 to 6 additional packets to maximize results.

For more information, refer to the RV installation video.

Is it good to use dryer sheets in RVs?

Seasoned RV‑ers already know about the dryer sheet trick, but don’t go overboard! Some of these products give off a strong perfume, so they should be used in moderation as they mask the repellent’s odour, reducing its efficacy.

Why is it not recommended to combine the repellent with other anti‑parasite products such as traps or poison?

It is important not to use baits such as poisons, traps or sticky paper - you don’t want to invite rodents inside.

Why is there urine or excrement near the sachet?

It’s a question of survival for the rodents. When this behaviour is observed, it demonstrates that the presence of the repellent is uncomfortable for the rodents. They attempt to combat the product using their urine or excrement near or on the sachet. They quickly give up when they realize this is in vain, leaving their urine and excrement behind. The rodents may also tear open the packets and distribute the product, inferring they are trying to eliminate the product.

If you notice this situation:

Clean the area where the rodent activity occurred and wait a few days. If there is still rodent activity, replace the packet. However, if you no longer notice rodent activity, you have confirmation that the repellent was effective and that the rodents left within days of product application.

Where is the product sold?

ROD the Repellent is available online and in many RV centres, at Canadian Tire, and at participating hardware stores across Canada.

To find a retailer near you, click

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Protect your investment!

Rodents can cause serious damage.

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Keep bags in your RV year round and relax!

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