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By : Rodents Away Odor Free

  • Repels mice away and deters them from coming back.

  • Ideal for use in the home, cottage, office, RV, car, boat, trailer or other indoor spaces.

  • Made from natural ingredients, when used as directed it is safe for use around people, pets and farm animals.

  • Slow release formula maintains effectiveness over time, lasting up to 3-6 months in indoor spaces.

  • Works by repelling, so there is no mess to clean up or foul smells from decaying mice.

  • Scent free so it will not cause irritation to you or your pets.

  • Easy to use, simply place sachets near locations where mice may enter your indoor spaces or in areas where mice are present.

  • Each sachet will treat 100 square feet.

  • Used product can be safely disposed along with other household waste.


Cruelty-free and mess-free

Traps, poison and sticky tape are extreme solutions that kill rodents, leaving residues that can result in harmful dead rodent odours.

Rod The is a solution that allows small rodents to return to their natural habitat

hassle-free and mess-free.


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