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By : Rodents Away Odor Free

Slow release repellent

for interior spaces.

Just place a bag on the floor, along the walls, or in confined places (kitchen cabinets, RV storage boxes, etc.).

The odor of the product is normally only perceptible by rodents and helps reduce their presence and activity.


open air area

1 sachet 100 square foot coverage

Confined space:

1 sachet in each confined space.

Up to 180 days of effectiveness in a confined space (ex.: kitchen cabinet or bathroom).

2-year shelf life in its packaging.

In order to obtain optimal results, please consult the information capsules below according to the desired use or refer to the product label.


Cruelty-free and mess-free

Traps, poison and sticky tape are extreme solutions that kill rodents, leaving residues that can result in harmful dead rodent odours.

Rod The is a solution that allows small rodents to return to their natural habitat

hassle-free and mess-free.